• Recruitment Services

    Our team, with access to our extensive database of employees, will meet your recruiting demands across a broad range of candidates (senior management to unskilled) for short, medium, long term projects or permanent placements.

    Benefits include but are not limited to

    • Certification and verification of all qualifications and criminal records
    • Reference checks
    • Pre-screening & interviewing of short listed candidates
    • Psychometric evaluations (on request)
  • Cycad

    ‘Cycad’ is AMT’s ever-evolving recruitment, communication and e-filing tool. It is continuously updated to maintain accurate employee and candidate profiles, to ensure that the best candidates are sourced and supplied.

  • Information included in Employee Profile

    • Employment Contracts & History
    • Verifications:
      • Qualifications
      • ID and Passport
      • Criminal Records, etc.
    • Reference Checks
    • Client specific training & site induction
    • Remuneration
    • Disciplinary Outcomes
    • CCMA Awards
    • Medicals & PPE
    • Performance
  • Special Features

    • Extensive database consisting of thousands of candidates
    • Client labour request history
    • CV Smart Search